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INTERIOR DESIGN HINTS: Diptych by Ian de Souza - an innovative way to discretely hide the tv set

Behind this original Ian de Souza diptych artwork is the television and sound system. With the press of a button the two images separate to reveal the screen. You'd never know it was there! With thanks to SCOOP magazine and Georgi Exclusive Homes (photo) TASTE OF INDIA - diptych is another diptych that would work in this context.

  • 2016-04-04-1651A_TASTE_OF_INDIA_l_copy.jpg
  • TASTE OF INDIA (Market Place)
  • oil on canvas (diptych)
  • 100 x 180cm (diptych)
  • 2013


  • CIRCUS_SILKS_2.(H123_x_183cm)_acrylic_on_canvas.FRMD_JPG_copy.JPG
  • Acrylic on Canvas (diptych)


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