Ian de Souza


ian de souza 2009
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The thing is not to produce art, but to be completely artless...

Inspiration comes from many places for Ian de Souza, including the garden studio which has caused much interest nationally and internationally. Situated in Fremantle (Western Australia’s largest port), this 433 sq metre block is surrounded by a 2.5 metre limestone and cement rendered wall.

This garden studio is indoor-outdoor living which is easily accommodated in Western Australia where the weather is dry and sunny for nearly 9 months of the year. All materials used in its construction are “pre loved”. Recycled bricks, recycled steel, the old renovated railway carriage, the table with its mining cart wheels and rail tracks, the front door.

Food, music, art and dance, are all part of the creative process and interconnected in the artists' life. Inside-outside living is the theme for the de Souza Garden Studio which exists in harmony with the elements. The artist views his private courtyard as a canvas; the change of season dictates the palette.

The 5 metre long table, at the centre of the courtyard, seats 22 people. Many an evening of fine dining occurs here.

To inspire creativity, Ian de Souza hosts Creative Art of Life Workshops in his garden studio that draws upon the five senses. These one and two day programs are held in conjunction with a guest artist from a complementary discipline. Upcoming workshops are advertised via social media with detailed information on the Courses Page.

artwork by ian de souza...drawing may be seen as the primary language that connects and communicates across all societies. It is an integral part of the human psyche. It articulates our fundamental connection to life. Life drawing is perhaps its most potent form. It posseses a unique ability to express human emotion...

R Coldicutt / Ian de Souza
Drawn Together - the Art of Life, City of Fremantle Arts Festival 2010