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Beyond the Line Online Art Classes

A new series of video art classes delivered by Ian de Souza.



Drawing, or mark making is a basic form of human expression.

The Beyond the Line Series are video art classes for beginners, and intermediate practitioners who seek to refresh their skills, delivered online by Ian de Souza in the comfort of your own home or classroom. Each lesson in the series is presented in three to four videos that you can view online or download to your device and refer back to at any time.

Covered are the basic principals of drawing the figure and watercolour painting using simple and effective exercises in a workshop format with one-on-one demonstrations by Ian. You will be encouraged to see and think differently, to enjoy the creative process and how to apply these fundamental principles to everyday life around you regardless of your creative expression. Each lesson is presented as a video that can be viewed online or downloaded to your own device and referred to at any time.

"The aim of this series is to share with you the expertise and knowledge that I have acquired over the past forty years as a professional artist. The skill of drawing is a wonderful tool for change. Awareness of boundaries, perspective, balance and finding the essence are marvellous metaphors for everyday life"



beyond the line, understanding the figure

Course 1: Interpreting the Figure
$60 inc GST
The aim of the Interpreting the Figure course is to enhance self-expression through figure drawing and mindfulness by tapping into your five senses during the process. You will be encouraged to see and think differently using simple exercises. Life drawing remains an essential element to a lively art practice and Ian believes that the creative spirit knows no bounds when the fear of an end result is conquered.

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*10% discount available to students enrolled in a Workshop course.
Contact Ros de Souza via idesouza@iinet.net.au or 0438 911 346 for details.



beyond the line, watercolour in isolation

Course 2: Watercolour in Isolation
$60 inc GST
To master watercolour painting takes a great deal of practice. In the early years of his career as an artist, Ian de Souza chose watercolour because it was the most difficult medium and also the most satisfying to master. One cannot go against water, one must go with it. The 'happy accidents' that spontaneously present with this medium sits well with the eastern philosophical thought that informs his arts practice today.

Purchase Now at beyondtheline.com.au/products/watercolour
*10% discount available to students enrolled in a Workshop course .
Contact Ros de Souza via idesouza@iinet.net.au or 0438 911 346 for details.



Once you have purchased your course, you will receive an email with information about accessing your video lessons. You can then watch via a private YouTube link or download the files to your computer to use any time at your own pace. A list of materials and tips will also be provided.


This project was made possible through funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.

The Beyond the Line video series is a VAM Media production, directed, shot and edited by Brendan Hutchens with music by Envelope.