ian de souza artwork
ian de souza artwork
ian de souza artwork
ian de souza artwork

Rhythmic Resonance: A Collaboration Beyond Boundaries by Andy Yang & Ian de Souza

This exhibition explores themes of intergenerational collaboration, cultural exchange, and artistic cross-pollination, drawing from the artists' respective practices.


2 November - 10 December 2023
The Private Museum, Singapore

Rhythmic Resonance Catalogue

Their collaboration began during the pandemic when they exchanged and worked on a series of shared canvases between Singapore and Australia, forging an artistic connection without ever meeting in person. Upon the reopening of borders after the pandemic, Andy Yang's visits to Ian's Studio in Fremantle, Western Australia, marked a significant turning point in their collaboration.

Their backgrounds in the world of music allowed them to appreciate the intricate interplay of rhythm and harmony. This musical connection echoed in their collaborative artistic process, where they approached their canvases like a dynamic composition, blending colours and brushstrokes like notes in a harmonious symphony.

Beyond their shared artistic interests, the two artists discovered an even deeper connection rooted in their common origins. Both Ian and Andy were born in Malaysia, which provided a profound sense of shared cultural heritage and identity.

Alongside the showcase of their respective artworks, the exhibition also features a series of unique collaborative artworks jointly created by both artists. Experience how meaningful exchanges can transform artistic practice, and be inspired by de Souza and Yang's journey of collaboration, partnership, and creative growth.


This project was made possible through funding from the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries.






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